【Toyama Photo Contest】 県内在住外国人向けフォトコンテスト実施のお知らせ


Toyama Photo Contest


This summer, we’re going to hold a photo contest for non-Japanese residents in Toyama Prefecture. We aim to rediscover the appeal of Toyama through this competition. Enter it and show your favorite place to which you want to take your friends! We welcome whether the spot is famous tourist site or not.

【応募資格】Application Qualification


Non-Japanese residents in Toyama Prefecture (Living in Toyama and having foreign citizenship)



Only photos taken within an area .


【応募期間】Application Period

平成28年 7月17日(日)から8月28日(日)まで

From July 17 to August 28, 2016


  • 最優秀賞 1名 1万円相当の商品券(JCBギフトカード)
  • 優秀賞  2名 街なかレストランランチチケット
  • 佳作   5名 とやまのガラス細工

The Grand Prix (1 work): Gift voucher worth 10,000 yen (JCB Gift Card)

The Award for Excellent Works (2 works) : Lunch ticket worth 2,000 yen

The Award for Fine Works (5 works) : The art of glass worth 1,000 yen

【応募作品の条件】Requirements for Competition Entries





・Unpublished photos of the spots which you recommend in Toyama center of Toyama city

・Only 3 works a person

・Within 3MB a photo (If your work is bigger than 5MB, you need to compress it.)

・Mentions of the photo location and date, and explanations or comments of your photo

【応募方法】Application Method

http://Application (URL)にて


Click   Application

You can easily enter this contest writing your name, nickname for announcement, address, phone number, email address, sex, application category, title of the work, the date and time when you take the photo, and explanation of the work, according to the application form.


【注意事項】Matters to Be Attended







・You can send color photos or monochrome photos, it’s up to you, unless you edit the images.

・If you send photos including some persons so clearly that we can identify, you have to get the persons’ approval in advance.

・We’re sorry but we won’t return your works.

・We accept only your own and unpublished works.

・The contest organizer has a right to use the works sent to this competition free.

〔There is probability that we will use your works for sightseeing posters, brochures, or Websites.〕








・The time to decide each prize will be early September.

・We will choose 1 Grand Prix, 2 Award for Excellent Works, and 5 Award for Fine Works.

・If you are given a prize, we’ll notify you of it directly. If you aren’t awarded, we’re sorry but we won’t get in touch with you.

・We are afraid that we cannot reply to inquiries about the award-winning works or selection.

※We will upload the prize-winning works on the Web.


問い合わせ先(contact) : 一般社団法人地域・観光マネジメント

(General corporate judicial person of region tourism management)

E-mail : info@chiikikanko.com

Website : http://toyama-tourism.com/